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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order parts?

Go to the “Sherco Shop” button in the black bar in the upper left and click on it. Scroll down and put the 4 digit part number into the block and hit enter.


How do I find a part number?

Go to the support button and click on it. Click on parts manuals and choose the one for your bike.


How do I find an aftermarket part with no part number like the Enduro Engineering Wheel Spacer kits?

With the order page open click on the magnifying glass in the upper right and search Enduro Engineering Wheel Spacer kits or some description on the part and it should come up. If not call Todd at 817 275 2228 for help finding the part.


Why does the part number I’m trying to order say not available?

In the Shopify system, we have the option to let customers order all parts or only parts that are in stock. We chose to only let customers order parts that are in stock because we don’t want you to think that a part is coming in a couple of days if we still have to order it from Sherco. We should have what you need but may be temporarily out of stock. In other words, the parts have already been ordered and on the way. Sometimes there is an alternate. We can get parts from Sherco in 5 days or less by DHL in an emergency. Normal stocking orders come by UPS in 10 days or so. Call Todd to find out your best option.


Why is shipping sometimes high?

The Shopify system calculates shipping by weight. We ship most parts by US Postal Service flat rate which ships by volume. We have to inflate the weight on big parts that don’t weigh much like plastic pieces. If the system overcharges you it will be adjusted. In other words, if the system charges you $25 to ship a piece of plastic but the actual postage charge is $10.88 the charge will be reduced to $12. How do we arrive at that number? We round up to the nearest dollar and add $1 to cover the cost of shipping materials. For example, the box we use to ship radiator shrouds cost us $2.25. When this happens I usually send an email to let the customer know that the shipping cost has been reduced.


This price of this part seems too high. Why?

We very seldom get a complaint that our parts prices are too high. We constantly compare our parts prices to other brands to ensure we are competitive but sometimes we miss something. If you find a part that seems too high please call or email to let me know if it can be adjusted.


I forgot to order a part. Can you add it to my order?

We can ship more parts with your order but we can’t add to the credit card charge that you authorized the system to charge you. In order for you to pay for it, you have to place another order. The system will charge you an additional shipping charge but that will be removed from the final charge.

Built by Riders, for Riders

Highlights for 2018

  • Improved e-start (new bendix torque limiter)
  • Headlight assembly durability improvements
  • Selector drum modified for smoother shifts
  • Trip computer water resistance improved
  • Easier to access/open radiator cap
  • New seat material for better grip
  • UV resistant in-mold graphics
  • Stronger gear selector spring
  • Rear mud guard reinforced
  • Clutch assembly reinforced
  • New water pump sealing
  • 20% more flex in plastics
  • New WP 46 rear shock
  • Improved rim locks
  • New shift fork rollers
2017 Sherco Enduro Models